Responsible tanning at Sunshine Indoors

As members of The Sunbed Association we will always give the best advice on safe tanning. Excessive exposure to UV light (A or B) can cause skin damage, premature ageing and increases the risk of skin cancer. However, it is important to note that this is true of natural sunlight as well as artificial UV light, and moderation is the key.

There are many benefits of UV tanning, especially in the UK where the amount and strength of natural sunlight is lacking.

We have customers who visit weekly, especially between October and April, to benefit from a sensible level of expsoure to UV light, whether they want to improve skin conditions, mood or Vitamin D production. If you would like more advice, pop in and see us for a chat.

What to expect when you visit

Firstly we will help you to identify your skin type which will help us to safely guide you to how often you should use a sunbed and for how long. And to set your expectations, when you will start to see a difference.

Some urban myths!

  • The colour of UV tubes does not affect their effectiveness

  • The shape (eg twist) also has no effect

  • The model number of the bed/stand up is irrelevant!

The important factors are the UVA versus UVB output of the tubes, and their age. Higher UVA will give you colour more quickly, but also fades more quickly. Higher UVB takes longer to develop a tan, but that tan is darker and last longer.

Our tubes strike a balance in the mid-range to give you a fast tan that lasts. And we change our tubes after 600 of their recommended 800 hour lifespan so you always get a safe, reliable, consistent tanning experience.

Note: Medically qualified advice should always be taken if considering using UV light exposure for health reasons.